Saturday 14 May 2011

There is a new plague sweeping across the workforce ...

Over recent months I've become aware of an issue. No doubt many would refer to it as a symptom of the wider engagement debate or just the way of life.

But i have become very aware that quite a few folks seem to be complacent.

Surely In this age where redundancies, performance improvement plans and bad news are all around us; I should be highlighting how fantastically motivated and competitive everyone is

As i say, I'm not aiming to look for the reasons why or join the engagement debate, but I do have some thoughts on what we should all be striving to do differently:

1. Treat every day like it's your first in the job. You start at a company with a hunger and passion to make a difference and the intention to go the extra mile. How many of us treat every day like this?

2. Consider where you are in the pecking order. How good are you and where do you rank against your peers and the competition? Many bosses, and clients ARE working out the pecking order.

3. Seek and act on feedback. Ask your boss, your clients and your peers "how am i doing?" Don't wait to be told! If you want to get ahead in the pecking order you need to understand what good looks like.

4. Have an improvement plan and keep it going. All the psychology and research shows that those with personal goals and improvement plans are more likely to be successful.

5. Don't wait to be asked. Be pro-active and innovative. I've yet to speak to a C Suite client who doesn't recognise and expect staff to identify and propose improvements.

I really do believe that complacency is the opium of the masses, be brave and just say no!

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